Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blog Assignment #1- What about EDM 310?

Up until this point, I have heard many horror stories about this class. Many students have made comments such as, "This class will be the end of you!" and "You better keep up or you'll never catch up!", and after just one day in this class, I might agree with them! The main fear I have of this class is getting behind, because late work will drop my grade, and catching back up will be even harder. Good time management will be a key factor in succeeding in EDM 310, as well as being organized and planning ahead for assignments. These are aspects of my education I have struggled with in the past, and will have to work harder to obtain during this class.

EDM 310 has already proven to be a much different class than others I have taken so far. Most classes are what Professor Strange calls "burp-back classes", or classes where one studies assigned materials, "burps it back" onto a test paper, and later forgets the content that was studied. Instead, EDM 310 is a project-based class, which I believe I will actually be comfortable with. This class requires that each student complete 16 projects, which are recorded on the EDM 310 Class Blog. We will not receive test or quiz grades, but instead we must rely on our own judgment and constructive criticism of our classmates, and reflect on our own work to make progress in the class. This class also allows us to express our creativity within our blog posts and projects, which I really think I will enjoy.

Whether or not EDM 310 will be the easiest class I have to take throughout my college career, I do believe I will learn a lot from this class. Why? I am required to do the work myself, and will have hands-on experience with what I'm learning instead of having my nose stuck in a textbook for hours. This class is also exposing me to parts of the internet and media that I have never used before, such as this blog! The only question I still have about this class SO FAR, is "What next?". Navigating through the different assignments for this class appears to be a potential challenge, but I'm up for it! Bring it on EDM 310!

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    1. Thank you Vicky! I thought it would bring some humor into the post. :) Just a small word of advice: This comment doesn't meet the standards for C4C comments that Prof. Strange gave us, so you may want to go back and look at the instructions for C4C in the Instruction Manual on the Class Blog while you can still fix it so you get all of your points! :)

  2. Hello Emily,
    I must say, you and I share the same fears. I am having a lot of anxiety about getting behind. Everyone I have spoken to have given me similar responses to your sources. I have already began putting due dates on my personal calender to help me feel more prepared. Time management will be the key to success. I have found Dr. Strange's "Burp-Back" theory to hold very true. This class will test all of us as individual learners and help us later on in our careers. I wish you the very best in this course and in all of your future endeavors.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! Thank you, and the best of luck to you as well, Hannah!

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  4. You agree with " 'This class will be the end of you!' "? I doubt the validity of that prediction!

    Bring it on! Just as the Queen says!