Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blog Assignment #14 and #15

Throughout this course, our class has learned a lot about Project Based Learning, and I have made the decision to use it frequently in my future classroom. I believe incorporating projects into my lessons will keep my students engaged in what I'm teaching and they will comprehend it better if they are enjoying themselves.

My Strengths:                                                        My Weaknesses:
Passion for helping children grow                         Keeping my plans organized
Patient and always willing to go the extra            No experience in assessing students individual needs
     mile for a student in need
Outgoing and active with children                        I need to learn when to be serious with my students

How To Make An Audio QR Code
This video discusses how to create and audio QR code. I have worked with creating QR codes before for my job, and they have been very useful for us when customers have smartphones because the QR code can be linked to pretty much anything on the web, an app, etc. QR codes could be useful in a classroom to direct students to certain websites, games, projects, and more.

iPad In The Reading Center
In this video Mrs. Tuck assigns her students to record themselves reading
 a story on their iPad, then replay the recording to her a read-aloud of the story. I love this technique because it will help the students to self-correct any issues they had in their reading, and it is always good to have a model reading of a story to listen to over and over again to further comprehend the story.

Popplet as a Center
This is another video of Mrs. Tuck, but in this video is teaching her students to use Popplet which is a tool used to create graphic organizers and timelines.

How To Make An iMovie Trailer
Again, in this video Mrs. Tuck is teaching her students to use iMovie. It was so surprising to see how quickly kindergarteners catch on to this program compared to my lack thereof when it came to learning how to use it for this class!

Mrs. Shirley’s 1st Grade Class: How to use and build a Board in DE for a Project Based Lesson
This video shows how Mrs. Shirley used Discover Education in one of her lessons. The impressive thing about this video is that a student is telling what the teacher is doing and explaining everything.

Twitter For Educators
Twitter LogoThis video is an interview with Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Bennett, and Dr. Strange, discussing how Twitter has changed teaching and learning in the 21st century. I had not used Twitter until this course, but I have come to understand how Twitter can not only be used for students to communicate with their peers and teachers, but also for teachers to communicate with other teachers.
We All Become Learners
This video is all about how everyone is constantly learning, especially when teachers learn from their students. For instance, Mrs. Bennett discusses how a student taught her how to take a picture on an iPad. Students teach their teachers all of the time about what is new in their little world and how to work those things.

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    "...It was so surprising to see how quickly kindergarteners catch on to this program compared to my lack thereof when it came to learning how to use it for this class!…" Ah!

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