Sunday, July 6, 2014


In the post The Possibilities of Student Blogging from the Langwitches blog, she discusses how much opportunity there is in using blogging with our students. Students have a wider range of peers to hear their opinions and critique their work, and not just the person sitting next to them in the classroom. This also helps them with their communication and social skills because they are connecting with people from around the world outside of their social circles. It's this generations version of pen-pals!

In the post Documenting FOR Learning, Mrs. Tolisiano discusses her opinion on documenting for teaching and learning purposes. I never really considered documenting for such reasons until reading this post and now it makes more sense. I catch myself every now and again doing this for important assignments or upcoming due dates, but this would be a very easy way to stay organized in a crazy classroom!

To Blog Or Not To Blog

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