Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Dr. Will Dayamport has many blog posts that include videos called "The Dr. Will Show" and have an episode number. I watched and commented on two of his episodes. The first was a discussion with Walter Duncan, co-founder of the QuickKey App. This app turns your phone into a scanner that allows you to grade multiple choice questions. This app sounds like it would be so useful to teachers in middle and high school grades!

The second video I watched was an episode with Sabba Quidwai, who is a Social Science teacher and Educational Technology Coordinator. She helped launch the iPad program at the school in which she teaches. One thing that stuck out to me in this video is when she said she always has a class website for her students to have an outlet for finding missed assignments, and how she says technology has always brought her curriculum to life. I think that using technology in the classroom makes boring subjects more interesting and keeps students more involved in their work than during a regular lesson.

Quick Key App

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