Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blog Assignment #5: Building My PLN

Before now, I had no clue that the idea of a PLN (Personal Learning Network) existed, much less knew what it was. A PLN is a list of contacts, websites, documents, etc. that one finds beneficial to their everyday life and continual learning. For this project, I’ve used Symbaloo to start building my PLN, and I’m already finding it very useful! On Symbaloo, I can created “tiles” with links to different websites that I find useful. Right now, I have tiles created for the websites I use nearly everyday. Here are a few examples:
And I’m sure I will add much more as I find more websites that I can benefit from. I’m really enjoying using this website to keep all of my webpages together. I have every website that I use most often all in one central location, all I have to do is click. It remembers my Sign In information for each website that I set it to, so I’m automatically signed in to whatever I need. Thank you Dr. Strange for introducing this to our EDM310 class!
Image of Symbaloo Setup

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