Sunday, June 22, 2014

C4Tp#2: Langwitches

Langwitches Blog:

Blogging from GoogleIn Mrs. Tolisano’s blog post Blogging As A Curation Platform, she discusses how effective and useful blogging is over other curation tools. Blogging gives student more freedom to share ideas, organize and store their information, and also they can share ideas and opinions with people not only in their social circle, but people around the world. Blogging is limitless when it comes to what you can learn and can be used in many different subjects as a useful curation tool. In my comment to her post I said how much I loved the idea of using a blog as a curating tool. I certainly am considering this approach in my future classroom.

In her post Copyright Flowchart: Can I Use It?..Yes? No? If This...Then…, she shares with her readers a flowchart on how copyright works and how to handle it. I have never fully understood the copyright process and the flowchart she provides is much easier to follow visually than to have someone try to explain it to me.
Copyright from Google

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