Sunday, June 8, 2014

C4Ta- Comment for Teacher

For my temporary C4T (comment-for-teacher) assignment, I was given the blog of Mrs. Hadley, a Middle School History teacher. In her post “Almost Boring”, she talks about the way her students act toward the end of the year. She says they know what to do on their own and she doesn’t have to do much of anything, but  is just there to help and answer questions. In particular, she describes how her students handled their Black Death assignment. Once given the assignment, her students were allowed to get up and get in groups with their friends, study in the hallway, and talk amongst each other about the project they were assigned. In my comment to her post, I told her how I thought giving the students free reign of the classroom was risky, but her students were so well behaved and stayed focused on their assignment. I hope that my future students are that well behaved, or that I’ll know how to handle my students in a way that they’ll want to behave in such a way. I know that I study best when I’m comfortable, so maybe her students felt the same way and thrived in her classroom because they were allowed to get comfortable.

Keep Calm and Avoid the Black Death

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  1. This post should contain summaries of two posts and two comments. You have only one.

    Anthony Capps (3rd grade, Gulf Shores) has found that the need to control students disappears when they accept responsibility for their learning through projects - which happens!