Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blog Assignment #9: What can both teachers and students teach us about PBL?

My class was given the question, "What can both teachers and students teach us about project-based learning?". After reading through The Seven Essentials of Project Based Learning, I found that the most important part of Project Based Learning is keeping our students motivated and giving them reason to enjoy what they are studying. If students are given some control and power in their learning and projects, they will enjoy it more, and comprehend better because it is something they are interested in. Also, allowing the students to be more creative with their projects, will bring in new ideas from research and learning. Teachers will often learn from their students when doing this because students can find things that teachers would never think to look for or use in their classroom.

From the YouTube Video Project Based Learning For Teachers, it says that "Project Based Learning has students working over extended periods of time answering a driving question". This question has to be answered by research and obtaining an end result to share with their peers. This video is a great resource to understand how Common Core Standards and Project Based Learning coincide with each other.

In the video Two Students Solve The Ketchup Problem, you find out that the students are trying to solve the issue of water coming out of the ketchup bottle. This was their driving question, and a great resource for learning how to form and solve a driving question is The Driving Question or Wing Project: Crafting a Driving Question.

Doing Projects Versus Project Based Learning on Google

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  1. Emily,
    I agree that keeping students motivated and making sure that they are having fun is very important when using PBLs. If the students are unmotivated or if they are uninterested in the lesson, then they will not give it their all and preform to their best abilities. We have to help them with this and make sure we are doing our parts as teachers to motivate them to learn. Great post!