Sunday, June 8, 2014

Project #15: Search Engines

For this project, I had to find 8 search engines and try them out. I’ve almost always used Google, but finding these new search engines has given me several new places to search for information.

WolframAlpha- This search engine is unlike many I’ve found before. It allows you to look up items like most search engines, but it also will calculate math problems for you. After it has calculated the answer to your question, it explains how it came up with that answer in several different ways including number lines and graphs.

Bing- Bing is a search engine very similar to Google. It allows you to search for images, videos, search for places using the “maps” feature, and look up news articles. Bing also keeps a history of your past search subjects.

Yahoo- Yahoo search is not only a search engine, but a great place to find recent news. Also, it is set up as an e-mail server. This search engine includes Sports, Weather, and Games as a few of the items you can look up.

Dogpile- Dogpile is very similar to Google and Yahoo, except it allows you to search the White Pages, like an online phonebook.

Ixquick- This search engine claims to be “the world’s most private search engine”, mainly because it does not keep a history of your searches, or track your IP address. It is not a US based website, so it is also not under US jurisdiction. It allows you to search for images, videos, and phone numbers, along with a web search.

DuckDuckGo- This search engine displays nothing but a search bar and it’s slogan is “the search engine that doesn’t track you”. If you click on the link “What’s new” it will take you to a page where you can search for photos and videos, places, it has a dictionary, you can find recipes, and weather.

Metasearch- Metasearch is your typical search engine which allows you to search the web for any subject, search for images and news, but it also has a “shopping” section and a section for “downloads” where you can download songs, videos etc.

AOL Search- AOL search is enhanced by Google, and is also an e-mail server. It is very similar to Yahoo, because you can search for news, photos, etc. but also sign in through your e-mail. 

Search Engine Word Art

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